The key ingredient for success in life is the discipline of mind and body. Setting goals and making sure they are accomplished builds discipline. Whatever goal I set for myself, I will first get a mental image in my mind of exactly what it is I want to achieve, then I will be determined and persistent enough to overcome all obstacles that get in my way toward that goal. Finally, I will train or study accordingly until that goal is accomplished. 


Eddie "Flash" Newman was born in Oakland, California. He has 2 brothers and 5 sisters. He grew up in Los Angeles and credits his toughness to the days of his youth growing up in tough neighborhoods.


Flash has trained many champions throughout his long tenure as one the martial art's most successful trainers and coaches. A few of those he has trained are Bernie Casey, Stu Gilliam, Alvin Prouder, Ray Wizard, Barry Gordon, Camille DeLoach, Mary Youshock, Risky and Mike Kingley, Cynthia Prouder, David Caldwell and too many others to mention. 

He is a Kenpo Karate, 9th degree black belt, the founder of Flash Karate Federation, a 4 time WKA World Champion Black Belt Hall of Fame member with 30+ years of experience.

Flash is currently training boxers, kickboxers and martial artists.